Thoughts On Weight Loss

December 14, 2010 , , Tina Kapp
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I’m not sure if I can attribute my recent weight loss to Belly Dancing alone because I think other factors such as being very happily married and turning 30 may have played a part. Still, I thought it’s worth mentioning since I’ve always been an exercise buff and love running, Tae bo, I did the advanced video for almost 10 years and still think it’s the best ab work out and general fitness video around (apart from Insanity Plyometrics if you have good knees) as well as weight training and enjoy going to the gym. I was rather distressed when things got busy and with moving into my new house and setting up that I didn’t do any exercise other than my 1-2 shows a week.

I make healthy food choices (low fat milk, lean meat, etc..) but definitely don’t diet and I enjoy doritos, tiramisu and coffee shakes once in awhile. I guess when you’re older you’re just happier tasting something yummy and don’t need to consume the entire box. I get full very quickly so like to eat often but can’t eat too much at once.

Anyways, I’m happy to say that apart from that, belly dancing has just been wonderful, it gives you a waist line, tones you all over! Those shimmies are fantastic for your legs and butt as well and the toe shimmy is pretty much a graceful football drill. Holding your arms gracefully at shoulder height in many variations gets your arms and shoulders strong and you don’t notice you’re working them they just don’t get tired anymore.

I don’t bother weighing myself much as I think the mirror is a far more accurate judge, and how your clothes fit you but I now weigh what I did at the end of my 10 day Master Cleanse Lemonade detox. Which is the only time I’ve been less than ‘that weight’ that you seem to never get past. Most ladies know what I’m talking about. I guess the best part is I’m not making any major effort, just dancing my heart out and being sensible. :

A lot of people who don’t know me from before don’t know I was ‘on the meatier side of the scale’ and like most curvy people I didn’t keep the most telling photos and I alway cropped them artistically so I’ll try to find something revealing here for your enjoyment and encouragement. I went through a lot of eating disorders and dieting and it just gave food waaay too much importance. I’m much better off eating when I’m hungry and not worrying about it the rest of the time. That’s where the happiness factor comes in, I think when you have other hobbies and interests that keep you busy the love of food stays in it’s proper place.

Ta Da!
All that to say, don’t give up!

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