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June 18, 2011 , , Tina Kapp
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It’s been really nice seeing all the comments on my post about a lovely show we performed in organised by a wonderful person in aid of charity. In my post I didn’t criticize any specific performers or performances. I did say my views on too much modern/pop music in a belly dance show and whether or not there should be a balance. My comments on Isis Wings weren’t actually about the dancers who used this gorgeous prop in this particular show at all. I stated how I feel about what I’ve seen in general. From the comments, most agreed although in this particular case the show wasn’t a traditional belly dance show but more one to showcase the creativity and dancing of the participating studios to music people love and relate too. Great stuff and if you organize a show you can do whatever you like.

Part of performing is putting yourself out there for criticism, suggestions and opinions. If you can handle that, take what you think may have value (I usually go by if more than one person has said the same thing) and I leave what doesn’t. If you get sensitive and start trying to criticize the one who commented (especially on unrelated topics) it only shows a lack of professionalism. How do you expect to get better, to learn, to grow as a community if people are too afraid to say anything constructive? I hate celebrity bloggers for instance who name names and are downright cruel. I think everything should be done with a healthy dose of kindness, respect and giving the benefit of the doubt. Still, in a world where we all are striving to achieve the same goals; professional, high standard shows, blown-away audiences, representation and adaptation of a beautiful culture we have to learn to take positive criticism from each other.

(PS: For the alert reader who feels so targeted by my post, I wonder why that is? Have you had a lot of negative comments about your performances? If not, there’s no need to feel singled out. Since you wondered why I dance with my sword balanced on the flat rather than on the edge, that’s because it’s a real Turkish Sword not a dance sword. I’d love to get a edge balanced dance sword as well sometime. They look great on stage! Thanks for your concern.)

You can easily bite back at those who try and you will stop hearing anything negative about your performances and that’s not a place I’d want to be. I want to know that people will say, ‘Amazing show! I thought the group could work on being more synchronized at the start of the song’ or ‘Great technique, I’d just suggest keeping your facial expressions in mind as you looked a bit too serious’ and so on and so forth. That, I appreciate and if I don’t agree with it, then it’s my call to file it away as someone’s opinion. No skin off my back. 🙂 If it’s a good point, it all serves to make you a better dancer and performer. Who doesn’t want that?


  1. Teneil Said…Touchy for sure. I can’t believe that such a good cause and wonderful show, enjoyed by all is being overshadowed by catty comments. Face it, everyone is allowed their opinions and the way we listen and grow from those opinions is up to us individually. My dad says he could literally hear the cats hissing over the comments, which is sad. Each one (and in any show) all have room for improvements, either remembering the timing, smiling or correct costumes for different styles of dancing. Tina, watching the bits and pieces my dad recorded, your troupe was excellent, your synchronization perfect. It showed how in synch all you ladies were. As for the other performances, WOW, great points can be mentioned for every studio that was there, we can all learn from each other. If you don’t like it, one needs to take up a “safer” style of dance, such as pole dancing, where your only worry is pole burn… 🙂 Keep dancing and growing in your style. Love Teneil (Still can't get that name thing right at the top – blonde moment indeed)

  2. Hey Teneil, thanks for your great input and comments! For the name thing just choose name/URL in the Comment as box and type the name you want to see and you can post your website or Facebook page on the URL so people can check you out. 🙂

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