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March 4, 2012 , , Tina Kapp
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Had such a busy weekend, a very fun belly dance show then a Bollywood show at the Gandhi Hall for Dan Bikha’s Bollywood Musical Night with singers from India and Pakistan. Lots of fun, and so nice to perform where we’re doing our own production show on the 23rd. (Posting details on that tomorrow!)

Then we raced to get to our next show at FTV only to hit a well hidden pothole and blow a tyre! We had a spare in the back but the bolts were stripped and the car tool kit didn’t have the right size tools.

Thankfully, 2 guys with a security company drove by and came and helped with pliers and hubby managed to get it out, the clip holding the jack was also rusted through. (Not very impressed with you, Mazda.)

Hubby busted it out and got the tyre changed and us to our show on time. We got to wear our new costumes that Janet made for us and when we walked in the audience went wild! Must be working! They had a dance competition for the ladies then the men then we did our new favourite Kareena Kapoor medley. Saffron TV filmed the whole event so hopefully we’ll catch a glimpse of it there soon. I never remember to bring my camera to shows but here are a few phone shots.

I also got photos from the Sweet 16 show awhile back which I thought I’d post here. 🙂 Have a great week!

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