Shake your Body like Belly Dancer

August 19, 2010 , , Tina Kapp
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Rather than wait to make a proper website for my new up and coming company Oriental Fire, I’ve decided to make a blog of all things Belly Dance. I know there are a lot of my good friends out there who have amazing Belly Dance potential that just needs to be unleashed!

Having done many styles of dance in my life Belly Dancing has been truly unique due in large part to the isolations you have to learn and new parts of your body you discover you can control and improvisation! Performing to a large crowd a half hour show with no previous choreography is a liberating experience. There are no steps to forget!! Okay, you do have to come up with a lot of new and interesting steps on the spot but the more you dance the bigger the source you have to pull from and believe me, it’s pretty endless.

You feel the music, you read the crowd you interpret emotions and instruments and truly have to live ‘in the moment’ especially when dancing to live musicians. There’s no thinking ahead to your next step or trying to remember what you practiced, you hear the music and simultaneously let your body react to it.

If you’re not a fan of Belly Dancing stick around, you may become one. 😉

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