Miss Belly Dance South Africa- The Results

October 10, 2010 , , Tina Kapp
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I foolishly brought my camera but left the memory card at home so only got really blurry pics with my phone. So hopefully I’ll get more pics from others there later 🙁

Well, everyone warned me that if I wasn’t affiliated with one of the judges’ schools I wouldn’t have a chance at winning but I wanted to prove them wrong. Unfortunately, I didn’t. Still, I was very happy with how my performance went and was even more encouraged by the great audience response.

So many people came up and told me how they loved my performance including teachers from other schools and the other performers, which really meant a lot more to me than the judges decision. All in all it was a great experience, It definitely boosted my confidence in performing and I have to say, although performing at functions and restaurants are fun in the personal connection and interaction way, stages are definitely my favorite. All that room to run around! 🙂

There were some fun performances to watch and I missed all the first day and the silk fans unfortunately, but everyone really put their heart into their shows but I have to say my personal favorite was a fushion number which blended scottish highlander dancing with belly dancing in very cute tartan belly dance costumes! A definite original!

There was also a group from Namibia that I thought were great, unfortunately one of their songs didn’t work but someone had the same song on their iPod and Eduan and I happened to have an audio cable in the car that worked so they could do it again at the end, and they did it fabulously!

I met some lovely people there too including a pastor who is a belly dancer herself and a biker! (Mom, I told her about you!) We had a great talk about combining our missionary and belly dancer lives. Some Christians give her a hard time about it which I think is very sad and small minded. It’s a beautiful artistic art form and gives God glory as does everything done in the right way.

Anyway, I’ll try to get ahold of the video from the competition so you can see bits and pieces later on. (PS: If you were there I’d appreciate your comments and thoughts! 😉

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