Kids and Compliments

September 19, 2011 , Uncategorized , Tina Kapp
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I have to say kids can be your toughest audience but thankfully with fire, swords, candles and drum solos included in your show and if you do it well they can be your best supporters. These girls were at a sweet 16 birthday party I did last weekend for about 150 guests of all ages they all got up for the mini-workshop and danced, these girls were great!

After the show they came up saying I was definitely the best dancer in the whole world and one girl said it looked like when I moved I didn’t have any bones and how did I do that!? Ha. Not sure if the ‘no bones’ is what I was going for and I tried explaining basic isolations in 5 minutes and how to move one part smooth and slow while moving another part sharp or fast.

I was so happy to have a new skirt and sleeves that some friends helped me make and I did the bead work for. I LOVE this colour! If you’re getting a first bedlah costume I would recommend black, white, silver or gold as it goes with every colour and you can mix and match with skirts, sleeves and veils….and of course your make up. 🙂


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