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June 20, 2013 , Uncategorized , Tina Kapp
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We love the way so many people think ahead when planning their events!
We have bookings as far ahead as April 2014! Of course, not everyone is like that and we get as many bookings the week of or even the day of the event! We try to accommodate everyone as much as possible and thankfully have a few very reliable back ups we can refer people to for when we can’t make it but we do feel for everyone who has had to go without, due to leaving things too late.

Our suggestion? Book as early as you can, first off sort out and book your venue, then your catering or bar services, then the decor and last but definitely not least, the entertainment and equipment. These often go together as you should discuss with your entertainers what equipment they require to make sure you have a suitable set up. Nothing takes the wind out of a performance as much as music that the audience is struggling to hear!

So first off choose your theme, work out your budget and then start getting quotes and making your executive decisions.

It’s often ideal to book from one supplier if you can as they can take over a lot of the stress for you by giving you one quote for the equipment, entertainers, DJ and the emcee rather than you having to source each one so don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or use reliable agents if your requirements are on the larger scale.

If an entertainment option is what you want but just a bit out of budget, don’t despair or take their first quote as a final answer, most professional groups have budget friendly options such as using less dancers or offering a shorter show which can leave everyone happy.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start don’t hesitate to call us and book any of your entertainment needs with us today or we’ll refer you to our trusty agents!

We can help you get started with anything you need for your year end corporate function! (And that’s not all, you can also give us a ring for your children’s parties, birthday bashes, kitchen teas, fashion shows, festivals, weddings and mendhi nights and even Come Dine With Me style dinner parties.- True story and the couple that hired our belly dancer won the money!)  😉

We look forward to hearing from you!

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