How to Choreograph Your Dance

September 16, 2010 , , Tina Kapp
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I don’t usually like to choreograph my belly dances, I just know which props are for which songs so a typical show will be:

1. Entrance/ Candles
2. Veil
3. Drum Solo
4. Fire
5. Sword
6. Drum Solo
7. Isis Wings (if on a stage)
8. Sagat

etc… and with party songs to get the audience participating.

If you get to know your music well it’s nice as you can really play with the accents, details in the music and have a strong ending. I also, however, fully enjoy performing to music I’ve never heard before. It’s actually not to different to going to a club and dancing to hit songs. You never find yourself ‘running out of steps’ only to stand in the middle of the dance floor blank, right? When you learn belly dancing you gain a wealth of steps, moves, tricks, isolations that you can draw on instanaeously. That’s when it gets fun.

For Miss Belly Dance SA I do have to have a 6-7 minute song choreographed and insert Veil, Sagat and Drum Solo.

This page gives some very helpful tips on choreography and I do use some of the same methods.

My notebook looks more like this, say for the Veil section:

Veil 15×8 (14 counts of 8 beats)
   Figure 8, Kneeling
   Big Circles/Turning
   Shoulder Turn
   Whirlpool etc…

Feel free to name your moves whatever describes it to YOU best. 🙂 Be creative.

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