What does it mean to be a goddess?

June 3, 2011 , , Tina Kapp
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By Tenille Lindeque

This morning as I was working out at Curves in my FD goddess top, I wondered how the other exercise junkies would interpret the word on my chest…. ‘goddess’ In my soul I know exactly what it means to me to wear these tops, but I wasn’t so sure I had a rational explanation to go with my soul feeling… So I decided to write an essay and clear it up as much for myself as for anyone who is wondering…

For me, when I wear my goddess top, I am making a statement that I am a confident women, comfortable in her femininity and constantly striving to reach her full potential in every way. I’m not thinking about Artemis and Hera and all the Greek goddesses sitting up on the clouds dining on oysters and plotting and planning their next move…. Although I do have a special fondness for Aphrodite… the goddess of love and beauty.

“Raqs Sharqi” – An original painting by Emily Balivet

I’m thinking of women I have met, or read about or those woman who are in my life at present who are inspiring and uplifting to be around, whose beauty radiates from within and who know the meaning of loving and allowing themselves to be loved. The women who are not afraid to step outside of the norm, those who take risks to remain true to themselves and those who get out of bed each day and make a choice to be the best that they can be… I think of the dancers in the studio who have transformed themselves from ‘I hope no one notices me here at the back of the class’ to wearing sparkling crystals and having glittering cleavage at any given opportunity!

Women who have come to understand and value their self worth are so inspiring to be around because they force us to do the same… we can’t just sit back and watch as someone else blossoms… we either get bitter and jealous about it or we strive to do the same, to blossom and reach our own full potential!

It is through belly dancing that I found the strength and self acceptance to finally acknowledge my own inner goddess… In terms of acknowledging my own beauty, even though I don’t fit the stereotype, I make an effort to bring out the best in me… My body is my instrument as a dancer, so I’m inspired to keep it healthy and fit and I try my best to accept my curves and know that beauty can be found in all shapes, not just in what the media presents us with. (note that I say ‘try’ here… I am only human after all) In the choices I make for my life, I try to surround myself only with people who uplift and motivate me… I try to love with my whole heart and accept the love that comes my way in full!

I try to be a goddess who inspires the women in her life to be the same… I hope that I will succeed in this task and I thank all the goddesses who make this wonderful journey of life and dance such an exciting, rewarding one. If you’re reading this, you are one of them!

With much love


  1. I know this post is a couple of years old, but I just googled 'what does it mean to be a goddess?' and this popped up. I am creating an art piece for my great niece and was trying to find words to articulate my sentiments. What a beautiful writing. So perfectly stated. Thank you.

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