The Core Moves

July 26, 2011 , , Tina Kapp
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It’s very interesting to see how different belly dance teachers teach. I think that’s why we do well to all learn from each other so that we can offer the best possible explanations to our students. Every individual learns differently so a good teacher finds what works best for each student rather than sticking religiously to one method that worked for them.

My favorite way to teach is using the 7 Core Movements of Belly Dance:

Lifts and Drops
Figure 8’s

Another teaching method I’ve seen used is called The Basic 12:

Basic Staccato Hip Moves
1) Hip Twist
2) Hip Bump (Hip Thrust)
3) Up & Down Hips

Basic Rolling Hip Moves
4) Hip Figure 8’s
5) Basic Hip Circle
6) Vertical Hip Circle

Basic Ribcage Circles
7) Horizontal Ribcage Circle
8) Diagonal Ribcage Circle
9) Vertical Ribcage Circle With Undulation

Basic Arm, Shoulder, and Head Moves
10) Arm Waves
11) Shoulder Rotations With Arm Ripples (Snake Arms)
12) Head Slide

While it looks more confusing to me and less structured, it does offer another perspective which may click better with some dancers and gives you another way to group the movements. I love that with Belly Dancing, you never run out of things to learn. It’s an eternally evolving and creative art form that grows with your interest in it.

Happy Shimmying!

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