The Carnival -Syncopate Invitation!!

August 23, 2012 , , Tina Kapp
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We loved being a part of this event last year and though it always seems to fall on a busy time of the year I’m so looking forward to the workshops and being a part of the Sunday line up! If you ever wanted a glimpse of what SA has to offer as far as variety and dance talent, this is the place to be!

Read below for more details– What is Syncopate??
Now THAT’s a carnival costume! ๐Ÿ˜‰

By Ava van Aarde- Organiser

Syncopate, is neither festival nor competition; it is a meeting of all kinds of dance, and music. 

The medieval fayre comes to mind where the biggest requirement was to be at the peak of what you do, and then join in the fun! 

Everybody was invited; The dancer, the singer, the musician, and definitely โ€“ everybody else who wants to share the experience. 

Music and dancing used to be something shared by everyone in the clan. It was a way of being who you are โ€“ a way of showing your joy, of celebrating the harvest, of honoring the king, of flirting with the pretty girl from the next village, and of appeasing the gods, and of telling the stories of loss, pain, and even of war and revolution. 

It regulated social gatherings and bound nations together. The dance, and the song, is the original sotto voce of the people. 

This is the dream of Syncopate, to bring the artists together with each other, and then to spread the virus of togetherness and celebration on to the public in general. 

Syncopate is a Movement and Music Get-together, by artists, musicians, and anyone who finds joy in watching, or listening โ€“ and especially people who want to see whatโ€™s out there, so they can find a genre, or studio to join.
None of the performers are paid for their efforts โ€“ they all give freely of their time, effort, expertise, and energy.
Syncopate want to enthuse, excite and rile up the general public, the dance lover, and dance student. We want to shine light on the performing arts culture in South Africa, we want to dance, enjoy music, share in our different dance cultures and genres. Music and dance is constantly changing and reinventing itself, and in sharing our creative space, we create a dance revolution. 

Last yearโ€™s Syncopate called โ€œThe Gatheringโ€, was a roaring success, and what started out as a small dance event in 2010, exploded out if itโ€™s seams in 2011, with Workshops, and two sold out shows over two days. โ€˜The Gatheringโ€™, set the stage for the new Syncopate format โ€“ Group performances. Local and National studios performed for an eager audience and students ranging from beginner to professional danced together for the love, and joy of it.
Syncopate has now become a national event. 

Two days of Dance workshops for the uninitiated to the professionals 

TWO spectacular shows, each night featuring NEW material 

Delectable food, Interesting Vendors 

35 Studios from all over South Africa, multitude of different Dance genres, including Classical Indian Dance โ€“ Bollywood – Belly Dance โ€“ Arab Dance – Fusion styles โ€“ American Tribal – Hip Hop โ€“ Persian Dance – Break Dance – Modern Dance – Video Dance – Greek Dance โ€“ Balkan Gypsy โ€“ Latin American Fusion and more. 

To book, visit 

Bookings and payments close, Wednesday, 29 August 2012 


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