Ten Reasons to Start Belly Dancing

September 9, 2010 , , Tina Kapp
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1. It’s fun!

2. Belly dance can be great for weight loss and tones your body especially the obliques and lower ab muscles.

3. It is great socially. You get to meet many other dancers and you can find yourself making new friends.

4. Belly dancing strengthens the muscles needed for child birth and can help relieve PMS and back pain.

5. It can build your self-esteem.

6. Reduces stress.

7. It is a relatively inexpensive hobby (unless you start buying various professional belly dance attire, and by that time you can start using it to MAKE money!)

8. Belly dancing is something which you can start no matter what your level, age or size.

9. It gives you new control of your body through isolations that you can use in many other dance styles.

10. It introduces you to amazing new music and rich culture.

There are far more than this but this is just to get you started… 😉


  1. And lets not forget…it gives you the opportunity to dress up in gorgeous costumes and play with some amazing "toys"! (swords, fans, veils etc)

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