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December 20, 2012 , , Tina Kapp
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Datura Online!

This is an absolutely brilliant website for learning Belly Dance, featuring the amazing teaching of Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Sedona Soulfire, Colette Todorov and guest teacher Amy Sigil.

I’ve only just started using the site and love the way it’s so organised to find exactly what interests you. You can sort the videos by Teachers, Style, Level, Topics and Class Type. Not only that but you can choose the duration of the video, From 1-5 minute clips up to 90 minute full length classes depending on what you have time for. There’s also a healthy selection of Yoga warm ups, cool downs and body conditioning aimed at making you a stronger more flexible Belly Dancer. Yay!

I tried out a mini 20 min video; Rachel Brice’s ‘Up Tempo Locks and Isolations Combo’ simple, clear and with lots of repetition (evenly done on both sides) I feel it’s already part of my muscle memory and I like the way she speeds it up at the end.

You can choose to rent the videos for 30 days (anywhere from $1.99 for the minis up to $8.99 for the full 90 minute videos) or you can become a subscriber for $35 a month to get unlimited access to all the videos. If you’re like me and you learn from a video, once you know it like the back of your hand it’s easy to get bored but if I were to buy every DVD that caught my interest it would cost a fortune. I found this as the perfect solution.

I’m so excited to infuse some new life into my belly dancing and I’ll keep you posted with my favourites and recommendations. 😉

Happy Holidays!

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