Performing for Mission Rhino

November 22, 2010 , , Tina Kapp
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I got invited to perform for a charity event to raise support for Mission Rhino. I feel helping people should come before helping animals but I also hate cruelty in any form (very recently 18 Rhino’s were poached for their horns in one night, just horrible.)and am very happy to see this very passionate and dedicated organisation take care of the orphaned Rhinos and try to keep one of the beautiful symbols of Africa alive.

The show was lots of fun with a big mix of performances from belly dancing to hip hop, contemporary and tap, to bands, digeridoos, drumming and singers with guitars singing their own compositions. Some very impressive singers.

I finally got a video of me performing! I’m the fuzzy light in the centre. 😉

The Representative from Mission Rhino

Some of the night’s performances:

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