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March 26, 2012 , Uncategorized , Tina Kapp
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Since these days the marketing medium has shifted largely to FB I posted most of our show photos on there but I will post some of my favorites here for those of you who, like me, think blogs and websites far more creative and worth visiting.

Our show was only marketed for a week prior to the event due to ticket mix ups and other delays but thanks to many generous sponsors and individuals who worked like mad to help us get this show up and running it went amazingly well!

JYM did the sound, lighting and video background effects which came out better than I could have hoped for and definitely went over and above my expectations in matching the moods and themes of the different numbers we performed.

The guest artists were fantastic and donated their talents to help us which we cannot thank them enough for, Thelma, Cherri and Tarryn who did an incredible double veil dance and who I can’t wait to work with again and Ioanna who I organised all the Belly Dance part of the show with and Natalie who came to help save the day, Suraj and Vinosh who added serious star quality to the line up and had the fans screaming the whole way! Marie Biard who is an amazing singer who lived in India years ago and sang Hindi duets that had everyone listening open-mouthed at her perfect pronunciation and lovely voice and who also worked hard teaching all the little Desi Girls which so paid off when they astounded us all doing everything in front of a live audience with great confidence and attitude.

The Sensations, an amazing community group of talented young people from Lenasia did a fabulous Bodyguard medley! They also helped with the marketing and have a big heart for our charity projects and are now actually starting their own projects as well!

All the Oriental Fire girls were amazing, keeping the room full of costumes organised and everyone cued and props in place braving false lashes and quick costume changes. I didn’t have to stress once about anything they were responsible for which any show director knows is nothing short of a miracle. 🙂

It was such a great experience and we look forward to more exciting things in the future! Now for some photos…

The Aishwarya Rai Medley

Belly Dance on Fire

Contemporary Dance to Teri Meri
Kareena Medley

Wings of Isis

The Desi Girls!



Belly Duo

Silk Fans

Suraj and  Marie


The Sensations

Double Veil
For more photos visit our Oriental Fire Entertainment Facebook Page! 🙂
The Cast

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