Miss Belly Dance South Africa 2010

December 14, 2011 , , Tina Kapp
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I finally got my copy of the performances from MBDSA 2010. I hadn’t seen it so it’s pretty interesting to see how you performed a year ago and critique yourself. A lot of things I hope I’ve improved on, I’d say my hands were definitely my weakest point, other things I think I actually did better before due to being more faithful to practice (ahem).

The biggest benefit of participating in this event was having something to work towards which gave me focus in perfecting techniques, coming up with interesting ideas and combinations and pushing myself to get better. Once you get a good amount of experience under your belt you can rely on tried and proven moves, music and performance ideas that always make your audience excited and moved… what’s missing is that it no longer stretches you as a dancer therefore it stops exciting and moving YOU. It becomes easy and the fact is, ‘Easy is the path to mediocrity’ (I made that up myself).

I have some big shows up ahead over Christmas so I want to be inspired by this and try new stuff, be adventurous, mix it up and set new personal goals. Expect to see some new stuff from me, I know I do! Heh.

…And for those of you who missed the winner’s performance here’s Kyati Naidoo MBDSA 2010

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