International Inspiring Women Network Foundation- IIWNF “All Things Indian”

June 29, 2015 , , Tina Kapp

We were so honoured to be invited to perform at the IIWNF’s All Things Indian weekend at the lovely Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Organised by IIWNF’s CEO, Anusha Singh and partnering with so many talented and empowered women.

There were lots of familiar faces, gorgeous Indian designer wear, fashion shows, great food, dancers, singers, and DJ Zuby, of course.

Embracing different cultures is something very dear to our hearts and we loved seeing how well this event promoted the beauty of unity and supporting each other.

With the gorgeous celeb models, Kimberleigh Stark, Mary-Anne Jordaan and Dr. Sheena Geness

The owner of and long time friend Pritha Fakir

With the lovely hostess, Anusha Singh

The beautiful judge of Strictly Come Dancing, Samantha Peo and the lovely Mary-Anne.

With DJ Zuby and Suraj. Always great performing with these guys. 

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