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June 12, 2011 , , Tina Kapp
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I got to attend a community Belly Dance organised by Natasha at I.D.S show which was a fun showcase of 5 dance studios and also helped to raise awareness for the projects of  Family Care SA. There were some adorable performances by kids which I really liked, Isis Wings was the most featured prop and one I say can be absolutely fascinating when used well. Some dancers tend to rely on them being an amazing feature and fail to really have it compliment the dance and end up just spinning a lot, others just make it almost an extension of themselves and it’s adds some beautiful movement and shape especially on a stage with good lighting, then it’s one of my favorites!

It was fun to meet 2 teachers for the first time in person that I’ve chatted with on Facebook on a Belly Dance Teachers in South Africa group. It was nice to see them perform and see their styles and enjoy the showcase of their students.

Oriental Fire performed our Bollywood thing and the best thing was having a nice big stage so we actually got to perform with our full group of 6 dancers which was great fun to choreograph and experiment with. Most of our shows have been with 3-4 dancers but the more you have the more you can do. I’ll have to post pics when I get some. We also were recognized from our TV show on Saffron and met a presenter from another show who wants to have us on soon! We’ll keep you posted.

It was so nice some of my friends could come support us and see our show (finally) and I’ll be looking forward to working with them more soon. I loved how some of the audience told us how much they enjoyed the Bollywood which they had never seen before so our goal of bringing it to a wider audience is working. Yay!

I had interesting thoughts on some of the song choices done by some of the belly dancers. I’m all for mixing traditional with modern for belly dancing and I also am of the group that belly dancing needs to be made interesting for an audience with no knowledge of traditional belly dance sometimes (which you should adapt if you are dancing for an all Egyptian or Turkish audience). In saying that I still think there’s a limit, it should be a  PART of your show, not all of it so that you can showcase the more authentic, cultural side as well. I also think some songs are well suited because they have an Arabic flair, or an interesting rhythm that goes well with belly dance moves, other songs detract from the beauty of belly dance simply because it doesn’t suit it. I know it’s a matter of taste but I thought I’d say my two sense. I appreciate your views.


  1. I agree…some of those modern attempts at fusing oriental dance with newer songs were really a fail! I think you have to stay true in some things 🙂

  2. Tina I would just like to thank u for ur performances they were gorgeous as always…please all keep in mind the name of the show was Girls just wanna have FUN! So it was all about the fun of dancing and I think since it wasn't a traditional show it was great to see the creativity! I know there is a respect level but I do believe that the ladies should also be praised (for lack of a better word) for their attempts!! Well done all and I do hope we can do it again next year! Xx

  3. Very good point, Tash and I think if you never push the limits you never know what might turn out to be amazing! I'm discussing it here more for getting insight on the topic in general. The show definitely lived up to it's name, we had LOTS of fun! Looking forward to more! X

  4. First of all, what wonderful performances from everyone on the night. We certainly had alot of FUN! The kids were stunning, just goes to show no matter what age you are, you can shimmy.I must say that I understand both sides about the music, but the authentic music for belly dancing can get abit to much, especially for family who are there just to support you. It's great to see the beautiful belly moves to a familar (popular) song that you know. Hope to see you all again soon 🙂

  5. Teneil Said: Everyone who spoke to me “LOVED” the show!! They enjoyed the dance routines, costumes, music and all the props used. They couldn’t believe all the talent that was showcased and how smoothly all the dancers ran from one to the other. Despite the hic-up start that got everyone glued to the stage to see what was coming. As a dancer backstage, it was wonderful to see all you ladies ready to entertain and putting your best forward. Thank you again Tash for putting together a wonderful group of studios. “We can do it” as one audience member put it, (HE HE) have to admit that was my dad. PS – To be bias, I have to agree with the above. My solos were performed with familiar songs and one needs to be flexible for an audience. Can’t get the name thing right – so… From Teneil

  6. I would dance for Natasha's show again and I think that everyone who partook did a great job. There was variety, creativity and most of all the audience cheered and applauded and loved every minute of it. I think the audience speak for themselves as to what they enjoyed and I never heard them clap any less or cheer us on any less than what you might believe they did. I think you of the opinion that you were the highlight of the show and I disagree with that attitude you have as did it ever occur to you that some people might not have enjoyed your dancing. Variety is the spice of life. Imagine how dull and boring life would be if we all had the same tastes and ideas. See you all again at the next IDS show… 🙂

  7. Just to clarify, I never thought (or wrote) we were the highlight of the show by any means. If anything we're more the sore thumb as the only ones not belly dancing! Ha. I've been to all traditional music belly dance shows and find the music gets very tedious! I love when someone brings some modern elements and props in to make it more palatable for the audience. (I'm a huge Shakira fan and she mixed Belly Dance with rock) I just wanted opinions on when the show becomes all modern (and I'm talking for a more serious belly dance show not just for fun) is it too much? Should we keep some of the roots in there for balance sake and pass that respect on to our students?

  8. So just because you have been to all the belly dance shows that only use belly dance music, that makes you an expert in judging.Reading your post up until all the comments, you seem to be defending the fact that you never said certain things when it is quite clear you did.Did you honestly think that you could create an unpleasant atmosphere with your comments and not expect reactions from the people who were at the show or whom you are referring to.To others YOUR dancing might not be good or great, and YOUR music choices might not be the ideal either…I think this has taught everyone a good lesson, to think before you post because no one (including you) would not like to be criticized on what you think is good or bad.

  9. Mmmm…I must say Tina, I didnt think you said anything particularly offensive in your post above- especially to warrant such a reaction. You voiced your personal opinion in a respectful manner, which I see absolutely nothing wrong with. I tend to lean towards the school of sticking to Middle Eastern music for Middle Eastern dancing, but that is down to personal taste and I appreciate that some may feel differently. There is such beautiful, interesting Middle Eastern music that I feel it can be a shame to use more "Western-audience friendly" pop to complement this beautiful dance. I think on the subject of any fusion, you will always have divided opinions on "how far is to far". I am all for fusion, as long as it is well-done…the risk with fusion is that if it is not carefully executed it looks like a half-hearted flop. Well done though, it can look amazingly creative and original.In any case, the show sounds like fun- wish I could have seen it!

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