Centurion Belly Classes Starting Tomorrow!

July 4, 2011 , , Tina Kapp
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I’m looking forward to teaching a new belly dance class tomorrow. It’s always fun getting to know new students and starting from scratch to help them discover the joy of dancing and the magic of Belly Dance!

I always say it’s the one dance form that makes you feel rather retarded when you start (if you don’t believe me, try doing a shoulder shimmy combined with snake arms) and I actually gave it up twice before realizing it slowly started to make sense and muscles started working in isolation and I could add layers without looking completely insane! Which was good news and very satisfying!

I call it waking up the muscles because you never knew you could move certain parts of your body in one way while keeping other parts completely still or moving some another way. The good news is I’ve found once you wake them up they never go back to sleep and you’ll always feel more coordinated and in control of your dancing in other forms as well.

In my opinion it’s the BEST way to spend some quality time just being a girl. Belly Dancing brings out the feminine, strong, beautiful, cheeky, graceful, goddess-like passionate side of you. If you don’t think you have that side, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s all there, you just need to shimmy it out. 😉


    1. So sorry Juanita. We’ve moved to Kyalami but we do workshops so if you have a group of friends who’d like classes we can come to you. 🙂

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