Bringing Belly Dance to MiTalent

April 23, 2011 , , Tina Kapp
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I went to The Rand Show yesterday to participate in the talent competition hosted by MiTalent. It was really fun competing alongside some very talented singers, bands, a beat boxer, a B-boy, Kwaito Dancers, Hip Hop Dancers and Musicians. There are 50 acts divided between 3 days and the top 6 from each day will go on to the semi finals. That will be decided by the audience voting and SMS’ing their favourite act’s number. The semi-finals and finals will be chosen by a panel of judges. I’m performing 2 acts, belly dancing solo and with my girls doing our Bollywood thing on Wednesday. Please pray we do well!


So far, the audience reacted very well to the belly dancing, we get 10 minutes each so I did a sword dance and drum solo. I was planning on doing half with the sword and half with floor work but then due to some YouTube inspiration I decided to do some of the floor work with the sword, which I think worked out well. We’ll only know the results after all the initial rounds are done. So I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime here are some pics my gorgeous hubby took. 😉


  1. Lovely pics Tina! Was your performance choreographed or improvised? Would love to see a video clip!I still lack a bit of confidence in improv…

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